Anj Textiles Infrastructure

With the growing needs of fabric in past couple of decades, textiles industry has to shift its conventional methods of weaving by the modern one, in order to withstand in the market. Research shows that those industries who fail to install modern technology, are lingering in their business, as they fail to meet the demands of their customers. Our ANJ Textiles industry do not belong to an orthodox method of sizing and weaving because we believe in meeting the needs of our customer.  Have a look at the modern weaving infrastructure of ANJ Textiles at a glance.

Colourant Machine

We are not limited unto weaving only, further dyeing and coloring of the fabric with different designs of print are also done at and textiles, so that we could provide a complete product to our consumers which is ready to be used.

Weaving Machine

Currently, we have two units of weaving machine and are hoping to increase its no. in future. Our first unit can give an output of 1000 meter in a day, which is a massive number. It has 8 Jacquard with shuttle less projectile and another one has 36 Dobby having a variety of four colors with shuttle less rapier loom. Owing to its high production of fabric daily, anj textiles is also a suitable place for vendors.

Modern Sizing and Wrapping Technology

The conventional method of sizing the yarn was very time consuming, but with the coming of sizing machine in the market, you can size it easily with starch, sago, gelatin or anything else. More, wrapping of the yarn on the loom is also done my machinery nowadays to save the time. We are proud to tell you that anj textiles have installed both sizing and wrapping machines in order to meet the increasing demands of its customers.

Special Coating Machines

Besides all above infrastructure, we have a special machinery for those who want a coating of protection on their fabric. This protection is mainly done to secure the fabric from harmful rays of the sun which makes the cloth fade in color, wrinkle resistant coating and much more.

Research Laboratory to Check the Quality of Yarn

Though we have yarn from the best part of the country like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, still we check its quality in our research laboratory. Our efforts are to provide you a fabric which is best out of best.


Our production activities are planned and monitored through an ERP system called ‘Intex’, a Germany based software that has been designed for the Textile industry. The ERP system specialises in supply chain management.