Mexican Falsa blankets 

The falsa blanket is a fantastic textile product that can use for multiple uses. it can use for yoga, door mats, prayer blankets, sofa covers in winter, car seat interior cover, curling up in a big blanket to get warm and cozy. These blankets are made by hand. This is a good blanket for household use. It is quite affordable, especially for the price. Falsa blankets are quite perfect for outside activities like hikes, picnic, campaign. Moreover, while taking it out, no need to be worried about getting dirty.

The Falsa blankets are also long, narrow and striped.

  • Environmentally friendly and ethically made
  • Good quality and reasonable affordability
  • A blend of cotton, polyester, and acrylic materials
  • Incredible durability
  • Very low maintenance, color variations – is available about in 15 colors
  • Machine washable and dryer
  • Lighter and dark shade availability

Our falsa blankets are made for moments of exploration and relaxation alike.

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